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Trusted Auto Salvage in Houston Used Car Parts

We maintain a computerized inventory of our auto salvage in Houston so we can help you quickly find the part you're looking for. When you purchase any auto part from Used Auto Parts Houston, you will have the assurance of our product and service warranty. If you experience any difficulty or problem within thirty days after purchasing our products or services, we will ensure that the parts are replaced for free or the job is done right.

Better Selection than Any Other Salvage Yards in Houston

At Used Auto Parts Houston, we boast an extensive inventory of new, used, and rebuilt foreign and domestic parts, all organized in our computerized inventory system. If you cannot find the part you are looking for, our skillful team will find it for you. We provide national parts-locating services to ensure that you find exactly what you need. We can check with other salvage yards in Houston and around the country to find the part you need.

Overnight Delivery Services

We understand that many of our customers need quick solutions to their car troubles. At times, your vehicle is the only mode of transportation you have to get to and from work. When time is not on your side, you can rely on our overnight delivery services. We will deliver the parts to your door so that you can get back on the road.

Certified Welder and Other Resources Onsite

We have an onsite certified welder who can help you with any motor block and oil pan repairs. In addition, we also provide the tools and resources needed to ensure that any major mechanical repairs and engine overhauls can be completed.


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